DR Stinger

DR Stinger is designed to optimize dedicated reamer operations. DR Stinger utilizes our fully patented Drill-n-Ream (DNR) tool with its dual stage eccentric reamers which condition wellbores by increasing wellbore drift. The two reamer stages spaced approximately five feet apart act in unison to force each other into the formation while efficiently reducing ledges, doglegs, and wellbore tortuosity. With DR Stinger, a tapered stinger is placed just below the DNR at the end of your drill string. The stinger eliminates any bit costs during the reamer operation as it is run without a bit offering you a much better indication of hole conditions. Floats are included in the stinger, as well as, an anti-plug port system with both of these features eliminating any plugging of the drill string. With no bit on the stinger, the drill string will find and keep wellbore center preventing unplanned side tracks.