The fully patented Drill-n-Ream® (DNR®) tool, the world’s first wellbore conditioning system, is a dual-stage, eccentric reamer. DNR® increases the wellbore drift by 1/16” or 1/8” (customer choice) over bit size while rotating during horizontal and vertical drilling operations. The two reamer stages, spaced approximately five feet apart, act in unison to force the cutting structure into the formation while efficiently reducing ledges, doglegs, and wellbore tortuosity. Each reamer includes four blades with numerous PDC cutters designed in a progressive pattern to minimize torque. Diamond domes are also strategically placed to eliminate pipe damage and protect the PDC cutters while rotating in casing. The profile relief located near the blades entice the formation into the PDC cutting structure to maximize the amount of formation that is contacted while conditioning the wellbore. Drill-n-Ream's® resulting conditioned wellbore and drilling optimization will save you time and money.

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Reduce torque and drag

Lessen hook loads

Diminish downhole vibration

Enhance weight transfer to bit

Eliminate dedicated reamer runs