PDC Bit Re‑Manufacturing

PDC Bit Re‑Manufacturing

Superior Drilling Products, Inc. created the industry’s first commercially viable PDC bit remanufacturing process in the industry, and has emerged as the industry standard.

For over 27 years, we partnered exclusively with Baker Hughes to service the western U.S., including the Rocky Mountain Region, California, and Alaska. Today, as we maintain our strong relationship with Baker Hughes, we are also expanding our partnerships and service areas worldwide.

SDPI will continue to blaze the trail in new drill bit repair technology, and improve repair techniques that enhance drill bit performance and efficiency.

One-of-a-Kind Process

SDPI invented the unique process used today to re-manufacture drill bits using specials techniques and tools to ensure the integrity of the bit.

Superior Quality

SDPI's unique re-manufacturing methods reflect our attitude about quality. Quality is checked every step of the re-manufacturing process to ensure bits are up the Superior standard.

Cutting Edge Facilites

SDPI is always looking to find a better way of performing our work. Our operations are housed in custom built facilities with the focus being efficiency, safety, and quality.