Proven Performance

We have a proven track record
of doing it right.

No matter the industry, no matter the material, we can make it.


From Monel-500 and 6AL-4V Titanium, to 4145.


Producing high quality, tight tolerance, precision parts for the medical Industry.

Oil & Gas

We constantly drive to be the leader in technology, design, and development solutions for the OCTG industry. We hold more the 20 design patents for reaming tools and are recognized as the global leader in the industry.


We have same Superior quality, same Superior precision, same Superior product.


We designed and developed exceptional products for the mining industry.


We specialize in prototype design and development. Our engineering team works with customers on future products and design solutions.

Non-destructive Testing

We can provide any quality and testing systems required. Ultrasound, magnetic particle, or dye penetrant testing are just some of the tests that we can perform.

Production & Processing Components

We have the flexibility and capability to deliver quick turnaround on emergency production items.