Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Superior Drilling Products operates on the principle that our core vision and values are the foundation of our future success. Our vision is not only our own prosperity, but that of our community and business partners. We firmly believe that for us to be successful, everyone around us must be successful as well.

As a part of this vision, we take the health and safety of our employees and communities very seriously. Whether it is protecting employees or the environment, we are committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Alpine forests and beautiful ponds are within an easy 30 minute drive from Superior's main location.

It is the company’s policy to conserve the workplace, community, and global environment by efficiently and effectively reducing emissions and pollutants to the minimum level possible under the constraints of its finances and technology.

“Mutually Beneficial.” We don’t believe in a zero-sum game. Some companies believe that it is necessary to sacrifice profitability to protect the environment. We disagree with that notion. We believe that a sustainable future is part of what will make us successful. We don’t waste money on flashy programs that gather more news stories than pollutants because we do more than say we’re concerned.

Based in Utah’s Uintah Basin, the company is surrounded by a wide variety of natural beauty. From high deserts to luscious alpine forests, the beauty of “The Basin” surrounds our offices every day of the year. Our employees love the world class fishing, river running, hiking, biking, and winter activities available to them. The sense of ownership and preservation in the company is interwoven into our DNA. We go to great pains to preserve the environment in meaningful ways.

Beautiful vista's and crisp air mark winters in the Basin.

Here are just some of the ways we protect the environment around our facilities.

  • Our facilities remove and filter harmful particulates before releasing air into the surrounding environment.
  • All cleaning systems are self-contained and utilize certified 3rd party professionals for removal and inspection.
  • Whether from rain, snow, or a garden hose, water runoff does not enter the community water system. Below each of our facilities is a waste catching system which traps any pollutants that may make it past our routine processes.
  • The Superior family has donated more than 15 acres of land for community fishing ponds, maintains wetlands, and donates to local environmental concerns.


It is the company’s policy to provide its personnel with sufficient training, resources, and systems to keep them safe from hazards associated with their responsibilities. Safety policies, personal protective equipment, an active, audited Quality Management System, and continual improvement of engineered safe practices ensure success. The company holds to its core value: “We will operate in such a manner that our employees, customers, and stockholders can be assured safety is core to our essence.”

Superior maintains a superb safety record in its facilities by caring more about people than meaningless platitudes. We provide impactful training to our employees that will keep them safe both at work and at home. While we work very hard to ensure our employees are safe while at work, we work equally hard to ensure our employees are safe at home, in retirement, and while out in the community.

Some of our safety measures include:

  • A robust safety program with practical policies and procedures that don’t reduce efficiency.
  • Essential safety measures included in QMS procedures that are audited regularly.
  • Routine training on both basic and advanced safety practices.
  • An employee led safety management team to help address concerns from the ground level.
  • Robust benefits that not only treat illness but help prevent it.

A nighttime company activity at the local tubing hill provided some much needed distraction after work in the dark winter months.
Employee families made good use of winter in the Basin with a late night of bonfires, music, food, and snow tubing.

We Are Family! The health of our employees is measured in more than their resting heart rate. It is the company’s policy to provide education and opportunities for employees to maintain their health and wellbeing in all facets of their life including work, financial, medical, and emotional health.

Along with good health, dental, and vision insurance, we also provide financial wellness training, investment advice, time off to be with family, and team building activities the whole family can participate in.

Superior Drilling Products prides itself on being “Result Oriented.” We are continuously looking for better and more efficient methods of supporting our employees, communities, and business partners by focusing on those things that are most beneficial for the lowest possible cost.